Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missing things

I'm missing church on sundays, and my guitar strings.

What About a Mixed Tape?

I used to love making mixed tapes. I always tried to stop the tape at the exact moment the radio guy came on so I could make the tape sound as real as possible. I could never stop it in time, though. The announcers would just but in over top of the song. It wasn't even finished yet and there they were, butting in over the last few bars. It was like they were trying to mess up my compilation so that I would be forced to listen to their station. Little did they know, I didn't care. It was a free tape! Plus, I got to make the cover and everything else that went with pre-teen manufacturing. Though, I probably would care now. Yes, now I think It might really frustrate me. "Come on! Arrgg, why do they keep doing that!? Are they high? God, people want to hear the rest of the song, buddy! Heelllloooo!" That's if I even had the energy to attempt a mixed tape, not that it takes much physical energy, but it's the mental energy I wouldn't be able to spend. Despite my increasing frustration, I would keep attempting it, even if I knew the outcome. What's that called? Insanity? It wouldn't be about the free tape, or the cover anymore; instead, it would be about winning, beating them at their game. Yeah, my emotions can take the fun right out of things sometimes. In reality though, I would probably spend hours making the cover perfect, and never get to the making of the tape.